Art is not only a visual delight, but it is also an immersive experience. Each piece has a story and an emotion behind it that has the ability to take you on an amazing journey. It gives these incredible artists a medium to express their thoughts and take on society. Here are 5 Instagram artist accounts that are overflowing with fabulous illustrations and will give you major artistic inspiration. And TBH we cannot get enough of it!



(source: Instagram| @parambanana)

Param’s maximalist ideas and unapologetic approach to art and fashion have received a lot of attention. His work seeks inspiration not only from the LGBTQIA spectrum, but also from body positivity, racial tolerance, and much more. His vibrantly colored illustrations depicting his quirky take on fashion and pop culture are a complete eye grabber.



(source: Instagram| @jaymanshere)

He is an exceptional artist who explores all aspects of sexuality, masculinity, religion, and the human body through his art. His ideas are all based on simple topics with a powerful nature. He has also created some spectacular album covers for musicians, which is absolutely incredible.



(source: Instagram| @kidsquidy)

He is a visual artist based in Mumbai with brilliant talent in digital artistry. Every art of Aaron is just Wowsome. Innovative work with interesting illustrations is what defines him the best.


  • Ayush Kalra


(source: Instagram| @ayushkalra)

How can we miss out on Ayush, when it comes to illustration. His creativity with awe-inspiring content is always on point! We absolutely love how his illustration depicts intricate and revolutionary brown girls not giving a hoot about conventions.



(source: Instagram| @srillustrator)

Srishti is yet another gifted artist whose artistic Instagram feed will take your breath away! She's been explaining millennial lingo through her illustrations and memes, which we're completely obsessed with.


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