Ethnic and traditional dresses found their place in the fashion industry in the 1990s and at the dawn of the new millennium they landed a footmark. With this as well, us millennials are wary about putting traditional clothing every now and then. Designers now have found a perfect solution to this problem where they have creatively fused modern fashion with a tinge of ethnicity. 

Our diverse collection has now been extended with trendy, up-to-date fashionable kurtas/kurtis. 

  1. Mandala Fun Men's Printed Kurta :  With the festive season round the corner, things are always dicey on the attire side of the celebration. With rising traditional celebrations, you will never have to worry about what to wear!!
  2. Ethnic Men's Printed Kurta : When tradition goes bold, you can be sure that things are bright and shiny throughout your celebration. 
  3. Apache Men's Printed Kurta : Go AbstractGo Funk! This apache printed kurta is a must have for guys who love to roll out the traditions swiftly and smoothly. 
  4. Ethnic African Tribal Art Men's Printed T Shirt : On occasions where pulling off a kurta seems a bit too much; our designers will run to your rescue with their aesthetically designed tees. 
  5. Lulua Ethnic Tribal Mask Women's Printed Tank :  Some might believe that ethnicity is not limited by the length of your clothing and we are on the same platform. Our ethnic tank tops are especially designed for this attitude. 
  6. Yellow Frenzy Women's Printed Kurti : Slaying the festivities with these fashionable Kurtis suitable for all occasions. 
  7. Ethnic Tote Bag : It’s not only your attire that can pull off great fashion! You can always notch it up a bit with our tote bags! 

So, going traditional is not all what we have ever thought about it and has changed over the course of time. It’s time you merge in your modern lifestyle with a dash of ethnicity.



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