For no apparent reasons, flamingo prints have taken over the fashion industry by a storm. And believe it or not, since we’ve introduced these prints, they have posed to be our best sellers! The craze for flamingo prints is raving within the realm of fashion and is majorly sported by fashion influencers. 

Trying to find a connection between flamingos and fashion, we stumbled upon some amusing facts. The popularity of pink flamingos began in 1957 when it was first curated by Don Featherstone as a pop art. Having won a Nobel prize for this sculpture, the pink flamingo art took over as the trending art and immediately was adopted by the fashion industry. 

Why just phone flamingo though? Well, these graceful birds are symbolic of the quiet and beauty they possess within them. They are subjective to the wild and prefer to stay away from the human chaos signifying serenity and calmness.

Apart from the basic depiction of what flamingos represent, we’ve found 7 reasons why everyone should have at least one of our flamingo prints in their wardrobe;

  1. They are pink-  Association of colours like pink and blue with tranquility is a long lasting one. While pink is stereotypically a feminine colour, our men have most prominently rocked this print in their t-shirts and vests. 
  2. Compatible- The look, feel and the colour of the prints are pretty much compatible with everything and go along just well with most of your wardrobe. 
  3. Fashion next door- When in doubt about fashion, pull out your flamingo tee, a pair of blue rugged jeans and you’re good to rock the world. 
  4. Tote Bag- Our flamingo print tote bag is something to throw your attitude around your proxime. Easy to carry and portraying a bold statement, this bag makes sure that people will turn back to have that one more glance. 
  5. Flamingo leggings- pairing your most loved design with the comfort of leggings is to look for
  6. Flamingos are cute- And there is never a bad time to show them off. Show the world that you want peace or rather hanging out with you will give others the calm they seek. 
  7. Fashion statement- Flamingo prints are in trend these days and you wouldn't want to be lagging behind the world that your wardrobe won’t be proud of. 

It's time you rock your wardrobe with these cool, chic, must-haves flamingos so when in doubt you always know which fashion to pull out.


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