If we look around us, like really look, we can draw inspiration from every teeny tiny thing. This can be done as effortlessly and beautifully as you want. Taking this into mind and heart, our artist, Siddhesh Gautam has been inspired by reading. The knowledge and intrigue he possess are an outcome of the texts he has read throughout. It is this insight and his thoughts that have come out together which is inspiring other people around him. 


Siddhesh is a multi-disciplined, mixed-media artist and designer, a passionate treasure hunter and a soul searcher. His works are a personification of his spiritual journey. As an activism artist, his works are majorly illustrations. Diving into variety of works, he also touches graphic designing and portrays enigmatic visualizations. 

His works can be described as ‘Post-modern idealism craving for world citizenship’ as said by the artist himself. 

The artist’s main motive is to share his glasses with the world in the hope of inspiring a deeper connection between people through education. As a fallen angel loves heaven, Siddhesh believes Earth to be his heaven. He wishes to or rather does encourage people to live deeply, love fearlessly, and to appreciate their time as a living soul. 

Every artist proclaims to have a different creative process, Art history being his premium revelation, Siddhesh’s works are a result of in-depth research on the subjects of minimalism and postmodernism. His works capture the essence of the objects rather than just the superficial beauty and the art is sure to challenge your preconceptions, expand your mind, honor the sacred, and evoke feelings of adventure, exploration, and deep spiritual connection.


 With Redesyn MERCH, most of his works are a composite collection of carefree work with a well blended mix of self expression and social shout-outs. He has also composed works which are a depiction of individuality and community in modernity of our times. 

With artists like Siddhesh, we at ReDesyn are super proud of the talents that are rendered on our platform. We have met people who have bucketloads of creativity pulsating through them and are humbled to bring them out to the world. 

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