It is well said- “better late than never”. She might have started late but today she is following her passion and making a living out of her cooking majorly. Super talented and ambitious, Geetha Sridhar is not just a Masterchef (India) Finalist but a teacher, blogger, rizzler as well as a social worker too.

Geetha Sridhar keeps on getting more and more interesting as you start digging information on her. She is also one of the few food bloggers who got the invitation to Lakme Fashion Week to review spreads over there. She also reviews restaurants in Chennai & Mumbai in India along with some internationally renowned restaurants

Tasty and Healthy! What else do we look for?Geetha’s love for cooking was noticed by her kith and kin, which led to her participation in Masterchef India and that’s when her train started running fast on the right track. After the show, she started making a collection of her recipes that she cooked on MasterChef and a 50-year-old mother gave birth to her blog page.

 At times, she might make you wish not to ruin these plates but just stare.She got an amazing response on her blogs, therefore decided to make a website on it. The Indian Food Express ( ) is now a well-known website to learn amazing dishes, particularly South Indian.

Successfully running her website and her Instagram page ( ), Geetha Sridhar is now making good money out of her passion. Doesn’t that make life easy? Making money by doing what you love!

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