Jackie Thakkar was writing for BookMyShow when he was 18, completed a course from UCLA, Los Angeles, and now works as a Senior Creative Associate at PocketAces, one of India's largest online content networks, and does gigs as a standup comic as well. He has tons of experience writing short-form content for YouTube and shares his thoughts on the same.

You can watch our entire podcast with him on our YouTube channel!



You'll find Jackie's name as a writer under many popular videos on the internet today having millions of views. (He also frequently appears in many of them) He is also a big cinema fan since childhood, and he has been shaped also by popular sitcoms like FRIENDS and The Big Bang Theory. After getting into the esteemed UCLA, he realised that he was much better at writing than direction or editing, and he banked on that skill thereon.



Jackie also maintains an extremely active social media presence, posting regular memes and tweets, offering his humorous take on topical issues and gives his own twists to movies. Did we mention that he has 2 cats? Also working with brands is a nightmare for him!

We thank Jackie for his time and wish him luck for the future! May all his brand collaborations go peacefully :)

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