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The saying that “Success is 99% perspiration” is literally embodied by Rupal! She always had a knack for fitness, yoga, and athletics. Her cumulative experiences of practicing multiple physically and mentally testing disciplines led to her founding her own brand of wellness called Rupal’s Yogasthenics.

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In her own words, she was ‘monkeying’ around in the gym one day, practicing her self concocted fusion of exercises, when she was approached by her first client - Anurag Kashyap!

Word of her original techniques spread quickly in his circles, and since then it’s been a continuous chain of high profile Bollywood clients including Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, and Zoya Akhtar to name a few!

She gives us a glimpse into her profession and daily life in our podcast, which you can watch by clicking here

Image for postIt is through her years of training and dedication towards learning, experimenting, and practicing, that helped her convert her passion into a full-time career. It has also taught her the power of creating a great first impression on clients, and the significance of word of mouth and testimonials.

She is now using the power of social media to conduct private and open workshops, which has helped her expand her business in an atmosphere where physical and mental soundness matters utmost, so kudos to her! Check out her Instagram here, for she occasionally demonstrates some exercises on her feed as well!

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