Sumouli grew up in Kolkata loving the arts and crafts, completed an animation course and is a visual merchandiser in her day job. She reignited her love for drawing in around 2015 and since then, her illustration skills and her Instagram page have grown very well.

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A colleague saw her love for drawings in 2015 and encouraged her to open her own Instagram page. Inspired by Alicia Souza, Sumouli decided to name her page as 'Woodle Doodle" due to the rhyming words, and that's how her page was born. Brands came her way when she surpassed 10K followers, and after learning how to give accurate quotes for her work, understanding the due process and getting used to it via trial and error, Sumouli was more than ready to take on more work.  



Sumouli's long term goal is to illustrate children's books as her main hustle, and she's currently taking time out from her busy days to hold art workshops for her followers, which you can also attend by clicking here. And if you wanna support independent artists like her and look dapper while doing it

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