Suresh Ramdas is an IT Professional and an LGBTQ+ Trainer and Leader as a founding member of Working With Pride Group, and regularly takes part in events which promote Queer acceptance in the corporate world and otherwise.

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Suresh did not come out as queer until he was 30 years of age, and by then he had already climbed the corporate ladder quite a bit having graduated as an engineer. The support he got from people around him was unexpected, and it encouraged him to go out of his way and take the helm for other queer folk in his city.



His corporate firm also supported his decision to take part in Mr. Gay World, which he fantastically won by blowing everyone away with his outfit at the finale. He currently lives in Bangalore, and is the Vice President of Membership at the Rainbow Toastmasters Club!

He has also been a pioneer at his firm for organising workshops and events which raise awareness about Transgenders and LGBTQ+ people in general. Honestly, the world needs more people like Suresh who go beyond the call of duty and are driven enough to bring about tangible change in society around them!

And the best part? He wears Redesyn while doing it all! 

Happy Pride <3

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