This is the era of minimalism!! Millennials are diverging away from the overcrowded designs into the simple ones, so simple and small that this trend has acquired a name of Minimalism. Having gained the unexpected popularity, we have formulated the minimalist essentials that you should flaunt in your closet. 

  1. Abstract Lines Women's Printed Tank : Staying on point with obscurity and laying low with creativity. Ah the beauty! 
  2. I Feel Wonderful Men's Printed Vest : Expressing feelings in the best way possible
  3. Cup Of Magic Women's Printed Tank : For those hot cuppa lovers, our designers have come up with a perfect design 
  4. Basic Solid Light Green Women's Printed Tank : There’s something different about solidity and solitude when it comes to colour. This monochrome tank top is a must to vamp up your closet 
  5. Colorful Geometric Men's Printed Blazer : The love for geometric designs transformed into this blazer
  6. Xoxo Women's Printed Tee : Spreading love gossip girl style! 
  7. Upsidedown Men's Printed Henley : Dedicated solely for the stranger things fam! 
  8. Color Shade Women's Printed Kurti : Reflecting the shades of your mood with a subtle expression
  9. Gold Dust Women's Printed Kurti : Carried best when paired up with your favourite boots. Gold is Bold! 
  10. Circle Men's Printed Kurta : Hallucinations anyone? The circle imprint is carried best in summer paired up with black jeans/pants
  11. Color Blocking Women's Printed Summer Dress : Summer dress printed with soothing colour blocks to make the best of the scorching heat
  12. Square Men's Printed T Shirt : Surreal and Classy tee to pull off that raw casual look of course, paired best with your sunnies! 
  13. The Blue Vibe Men's Printed Vest : Isn’t it time to sport your favourite brand by now? *wink* *wink* 
  14. Heartbeats Men's Printed Blazer : Fashion your clothing in sync with your pulse
  15. Pubg Men's Printed T Shirt : Haven’t we already fashioned our most loved online games! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 
  16. Color Flow Women's Printed Blazer : A splash of colour to make your day super surged up
  17. Classic Color Women's Printed Kurti : The oceanic fade complementing the calmness in your mood goes well in this hot weather
  18. Sphere Women's Printed Leggings : Neon shaded spheres cohere swiftly with light solid coloured tees
  19. Monday Feels Men's Printed T Shirt : Defining your Monday blues in this crisp solo coloured tee
  20. Dots Men's Printed Semi Formal Blazer : It all began with a single dot. So did fashion

Minimalist designs discreetly took over the fashion norm with its ability to speak a thousand emotions within the realm of miniature depictions.



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