Design Guidelines


When it comes to uploading your artwork on Redesyn, we prefer big, high-resolution, original files which make fantastic prints. When we say big, we mean file pixels!

The file size (in MB) is not really the best indicator of it’s suitability for printing on apparel. Your image may have a small file size but a high resolution, it will sure make a great print.

Below are the resolution thresholds for Redesyn products.

Women’s Kurta: 3000x3000 pixels

All other products: 1500x1500 pixels

Resolution required: 72


When uploading your files to Redesyn, we can only accept JPEG or PNG.

TIFF and PDF files won't work correctly, so let’s avoid that.

Bleeding and Cropping

The actual printed product will often vary slightly from the online preview. Our advise would be not to place text or borders on the outer edges of the printable areas, as there will always be a small margin for bleed on all printed products.

Other Important Notes