Advertising on Social Media

Let’s face it, more than 60% of people you know, know about your whereabouts through social media. Social media has become an essential medium for us to stay connected with our friends in a day to day life. It is also increasingly a vital part of marketing yourself online these days. In fact, it is an effective way of keeping in touch with your existing fanbase and reach out to new fans through your work.

Keeping that in mind, we have a couple of handy ways you can spread the word about your work and shop at Redesyn using social media.

Social Media and linking to other websites

We want you and your work to be known to as many people as possible. We want your work to be seen and appreciated. For that, we suggest actively marketing your own work, both online as well as offline. Research has shown that many people and artists have found success after using various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for self marketing.

Redesyn makes it easy for artists to share your work with your friends, fans and family via the share button for each social media network on each artist shop as well as each of your products. This can drive traffic to your designs through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.

Posting on Facebook:

In order to share your work or promote a special discount coupon on Facebook, all you have to do is:


Copy the link of your shop or any of your products that you want to promote and paste it as a status update on Facebook Follow the steps mentioned above and bam!

Posting on Twitter:

Promoting on Instagram:

Instagram is an important platform for artists like you to engage with your audience and fans and also increase followers. Now the problem with Instagram is that it does not allow you to post through your desktop, you have to use your phone. But don’t worry, we’ve though of a plan for you.

Other ways of increasing your fanbase:

Follow these easy ways of advertising your work and watch yourself become famous!