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Frequently Asked Questions



  How do I know that my order has been confirmed?

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email with your order details. In case you don't receive an email within 24 hours of placing the order, email us at orders@redesyn.com or call us at +91-8879156171.

  When will I receive my order?

Normally, we ship out all orders in 8-10 days. The final delivery time depends on your location and availability of the product style you order. In case of accidents, natural disasters, and other such circumstances, this may get affected.

  Will I have to pay anything extra for delivery?

A shipping charge of Rs. 50 will be levied on all domestic orders. For international orders, please contact us at orders@redesyn.com.

  How can I track my order?

An email will be sent to you after your order is dispatched. This contains the details of the delivery service, tracking ID and a link where you can check the status of your order. If you don't receive any emails, please get in touch us with at orders@redesyn.com .

  Do you have a COD option?

Yes, we do have a COD option available.

  Is it safe to use credit/debit card while shopping on Redesyn?

Yes! Your transaction will be done through a secure payment gateway. And we solemnly swear we don't disclose your confidential information to any third party.

  What about bulk orders?

We love you so much for this! To know everything about bulk orders, please contact us at orders@redesyn.com or +91-8879156171.

  Can I have my order gift-wrapped?

Yes! This option is available on most Redesyn products and you will see this option during checkout. Although we understand you wouldn't want an invoice along with the gift, government regulations don't permit us to send an order without an invoice.


  How to use Redesyn wallet?

  1. Maximum wallet amount that can be used in one purchase is Rs. 200 or 25% of order value whichever is higher
  2. While making a payment after selecting products in your cart, we have by default selected ‘Pay by Redesyn Wallet’ option as your payment gateway.
  3. In case you choose to pay by some other payment method, deselect the ‘Pay by Redesyn Wallet’ option on the payment page.
  4. In case the total amount exceeds Redesyn Wallet balance, you can pay the remaining amount using any other payment option.

  When Is there an expiry date for the cashback in Redesyn Wallet?

Yes, the cashback received in the Redesyn wallet expires on the 30th day after the cashback has been issued in the wallet.

  How can I sign up for Redesyn Wallet?

Every registered user automatically has a Redesyn Wallet account. There is no separate sign up for the Wallet. In case you are not a registered Redesyn user, please register and start using Redesyn Wallet.

  When will I receive the cashback?

You will receive the cashback in your Redesyn Wallet five days after the previous order has been accepted by you.

  How can I put money in my Redesyn Wallet?

When you cancel or return a product the refund money is transferred to the Redesyn Wallet to provide convenience for your next purchase. Directly transferring money to Redesyn Wallet account is not permitted.

   There is not enough money in My Redesyn Wallet for making a purchase. What do I do?

You can pay for your order either fully or partially by Redesyn Wallet. Any amount left after using Redesyn Wallet can be paid using other payment options like Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking etc.

  Can I transfer the balance in my Redesyn Wallet to another user?

The balance in your Redesyn Wallet cannot be transferred to any other user/The Redesyn Wallet balance in non-transferable.

  Can I en-cash the balance in my Redesyn Wallet?

No, You cannot en-cash the Redesyn Wallet balance.

  Can I delete my Redesyn wallet?

No, you cannot delete your Redesyn Wallet. However you can choose not to pay by your Redesyn Wallet.


  How do I cancel an order?

You can cancel any order that has not been shipped yet. For cancellations, you can reach us at (email) or (number). In case your order has been dispatched, the return policy mentioned below is applicable.

  What is your return policy?

We only accept exchanges/replacements and no direct refunds. We accept exchanges (depending on product availability) up to 3 days from the delivery date to the customer. The product you wish to return/exchange needs to be in the original packaging and a similar unused condition as received.
If you wish to return a product, please contact us at orders@redesyn.com or +91-8879156171.

  What items can I return?

Most of our products can be returned, but they will be accepted only in case of any damages or defects. In order to replace the product, you will need to inform our customer care within 48 hours of delivery of the product.

  How do I initiate a return?

Please reach us at order@redesyn.com to initiate a return. Please make sure you mention the following information in the mail:
  • Order number
  • Registered email id
  • Product name
  • Pick-up address and pincode

  Do you arrange for reverse pickups?

The reverse pickup option is available only in a selected set of pincodes. To know whether your pincode has this option, you can check with our help desk. In case it isn't, you will have to mail the items back.

  Where do I mail the products?

Please send them to the below address:
Do not forget to mention your order number and contact number.

  When will I receive a replacement?

Your replacement will be shipped once the original items reach us, subject to the following conditions:
  • The product should be unused, unwashed, and unsoiled.
  • It should have the original tags in place.
We don't accept any products that do not meet these conditions. No reimbursement will be given in this case.

  What is your refund policy?

In case the replacement product is out of stock, you will receive a full refund amount in your account.

  Can I exchange it with a different product?

Yes! You can exchange your order within 3 days and receive a replacement of the same product or a different product of the same value. If the replacement product value exceeds the value of your previous purchase, the difference will have to be paid in advance.

  Any other queries

For any other queries, you may contact us here


Common Questions

  When will I receive my commission?

Designer commission will be transferred every first week of any given month, calculated against the "delivered orders + 10 days" till the 15th of last month.
It will be transferred only if the amount exceeds INr 1000.
Full amount will not be cleared till all orders are delivered and there are no complaints.
If the commissions are delayed, they are either because of some technical error OR due to non existing bank details in your ReDesyn profile.

  How do I create a Redesyn profile?

It's as easy as signing up. All you have to do is fill in a few details and you will be set to show your artwork to the world.

  How do I create merchandise on Redesyn?

We have designed a user friendly tool that will make creating merchandise easier. All you have to do is upload your artwork in the required resolution (*) onto a product template, position it, and set your margin price. Yes, you can create several products with the same design!

  Are there any restrictions on the kind of content I upload?

We love artistic freedom as much as you do, but we strictly prohibit any kind of hateful content, pornography, or insensitive and discriminatory content. We have the right to make the final decision on what kind of content is published on the website.

  How does the pricing model work?

Once you are done designing your product, we set a base price for manufacturing it. You simply have to decide your profit margins in terms of percentage of the base price. This is the amount you earn with every sale of the product.

  When and how do I get paid?

You get paid through NEFT account transfer. For information on security, please read our Privacy Policy.

  Who takes care of the production and shipping of the products?

We do. Once you have uploaded your work and set your price, we at Redesyn look after everything.

  Will I be charged to sell my artwork on Redesyn?

No! At Redesyn, we don't charge artists to sell their creations as we want everyone to experience the kind of art you are creating.

  Who owns the copyright of the work I have uploaded on Redesyn?

You do! You have the complete ownership over your art, we simply have the license to market, sell, manufacture, and ship it under the Redesyn name. We do not claim any ownership of it. To know more, please read our Terms and Conditions.